1980 USA Hockey

Miracle on Ice: Where Are They Now?

After the 1980 US hockey team defeated the favorite to win Soviet team in the game that came to be called the Miracle on Ice, the entire nation celebrated. Their photos graced the covers of magazines, including Time and movies were made about their amazing win. Where are the USA team members today? What have they been doing in the years after they made America proud?
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Victory for the USA!

Aptly named Lake Placid, New York was the scene for one of the most memorable events in Olympic sports history. The 1980 USA hockey team of college students and amateur players performed their Miracle on Ice by defeating the powerful USSR team. The arena was filled to capacity as 8,500 fans watched the drama unfold. The American fans waved flags and sang patriotic songs. The stage was set for one of sports greatest moments.
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The Miracle on Ice – 30 Years On

Can you believe it’s a full thirty years ago? Difficult to believe isn’t it? Thirty years since a bunch of young American college players beat the best hockey team in the world to win the 1980 Olympic Gold Medal, although technically they didn’t actually get the gold that day. Well, we’re still talking about it. That’s because it is widely believed to be the most remarkable sporting achievement of all time.
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The Miracle on Ice – The Greatest Sporting Achievement in Hockey History

On February 22, 1980, the USA Hockey Team pulled off the greatest achievement in the history of the game. The 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York, the place where history was made.
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